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DCP 2.0


DCP 2.0 a unique combination of digital signage and collaboration that is available for the first time.

The Digital Collaboration Panel is the result of a cooperation with Bayer AG in Monheim. Bayer  is faced with the challenge of integrating new business units and locations in the USA. It is important to let people from different countries, with different cultures and languages grow together. This is an important factor for success in long terms. With the DCP System employees of Bayer can present their projects and get feedback from colleagues and visitors. New technologies and products can be shown easily and discussed on a large touch-capable display.

The integrated whiteboard allows discussions with ad hoc screen sharing on paired devices. So employees at remote locations can share and discuss with you in real time.

The DCP Manager component provides intuitive creation of DCP Configurations . A DCP Configuration includes videos, photos and formatted text that can be distributed via the DCP Server to the DCP Players.

Remote users can use the DCP Admin web application to submit custom videos and photos. This content can be approved centrally and added in the DCP Configuration. An integrated domain concept ensures that content is shown only where it makes sense. Imagine colleagues in Brazil have created a new occupational safety video in Portuguese language. They can provide this video and request displaying on all DCP Players in Bayer facilities in Brazil. By assigning the video to certain sites in Brazil, it will not be shown in France, India or somehere else out of Brazil.

The feedback from employees and visitors can be spotted and evaluated centrally via the DCP Admin. Additional content can be provided to the audience including targeted questions to get a content based feedback.

Large companies have special requirements in terms of security and management of IT systems. By working closely together with Bayer, we created an IT system that fulfills the requirements of Bayers IT security departments and can be managed centrally. With the DCP a unique symbiosis of digital signage and collaboration is available right now.

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Present and interact

DCP Player

Features of the DCP player
- Kiosk Mode for public presentations
- User interaction via 65 "touch display
- Simultante playing three independent Playlists
- Regardless of the print server, by locally buffered media files
- Integrated whiteboard with screen sharing via the Internet
- Full Screen mode with Scrubbing function for all videos
- Feedback editor with a special touch keyboard
- News channel with XAML support and Maximize function
- Interactive Karoussell with thumbnails for video
- back / forward navigation for all elements
- Automatic content distribution via print server
- Providing of playback statistics and user feedback
- Minimum Food Print
- Integration into your IT management through Windows 10 Professional


Configure and manage

Features of the DCP-Manager
- Minimum Food Print Microsoft .NET
- Preparation and testing of DCP configurations
- Upload DCP-Configurations of print server
- Easy for support for drag and drop
- Preview photos
- Creation of thumbnails for videos
- index management with auto-fill for alel playlists
- Compatible with various resolutions by car Scale
- Integrated editor for XAML files in the News panel
- Easy Zoom the surface via mouse wheel
- Multilingual (German, English, etc. )
- Integration of Photoshop or video editing programs
- Easy creation of new configurations through templates
- Definition of playing time windows for all media
- Zoom the font for best readability

DCP Manager

DCP Server

Distribute content worldwide

Show content worldwide

The DCP Server enables worldwide rollout of DCP Configurations to DCP Players. A DCP configuration includes videos, bitmaps, formatted text files and playlists. These configurations can be created via the DCP Manager, tested and made available on the DCP server via upload. After the upload, the DCP Player automatically load the DCP Configurations down and present the configured content.

In addition to the distribution mechanisms, the DCP Server also provides a web application that enables the management of all connected DCP Player. In addition, employees can submit their business content for display within the DCP System. The structures of their business can be abgebilden a domain concept. So divisions can be modeled abroad and selectively treated with special content.

For operation of the DCP Server component  a subscription in Microsoft Azure is required. We will help you with the installation of the server components in Microsoft Azure. Please contact us in case you need help.

Anonymous usage statistics and user feedback will be uploaded by the DCP Players on the DCP Server and can be retrieved and evaluated by selected content administrators of your company.

DCP Hardware

Everything for installation and operation

Purchase license

Safe payment with FastSpring

Our partner FastSpring licenses can be ordered at any time, quickly and safely for the DCP system. To get to our FastSpring Store, click here and follow the instructions.


Report bugs and request new features

If you like to see improvements or report an error, you can use our bug tracker. Our developers will try to find a solution as soon as possible. All corrections will be shipped directly to you or will be included in future DCP releases. In case of malfunctions, which are caused by the installation or incorrect configuration, we will get in touch with you in order to find a quick solution.

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